WestJet Proposed Class Action Lawsuit

UPDATE: Mandalena was ready to face a second appeal by the company in the fall when there was court availability, but WestJet’s counsel advised it was only free one day in 2018. So they delayed their strike hearing against the proposed class action lawsuit to January of 2019.

Mandalena brings this action on behalf of herself and a proposed class of plaintiffs being all present female flight attendants at WestJet and all former flight attendants who worked at WestJet within the applicable limitation periods.

The lawsuit alleges a systemic breach of contract by WestJet in failing to address sexual harassment and assault by pilots to the standards required by its policies and to instead attempt to suppress reporting, protect pilots and silence victims.

Mandalena is represented by counsel, Karey Brooks, of JFK Law Corporation in Vancouver, BC.

To contact counsel, to discuss whether you might be part of the class once certified or to seek more information, please contact:

Maria Baracaldo at JFK Law Corp. at mbaracaldo@jfklaw.ca or 604-687-0549 ext. 117

All inquiries are confidential.