This landing page is for crew members who have experienced, and are dealing with sexual harassment and assault at their airline company. This initiative was co created by Ashley Geffre (Alaska Airlines) & Mandalena Lewis (WestJet Airlines).

We are two former flight attendants who found each other online, after seeing each-other’s stories in the news. We were both sexually assaulted by pilots at work, went through the rigours of the reporting system, and are now suing our former employers for sweeping the problem under the rug.

There are many others who have experienced the same in our industry. Who have been silenced, re victimized, and made to feel alone. Airlines allege to take sexual harassment seriously, but the problem has become a systemic issue. It has been too long.

We hope to create widespread change through silence breaking, support, & solidarity. Please head to our “Share” tab to tell your story. We want to help build resilience. #youcrewmetoo


Mandalena & Ashley


UPDATE: On July 20th, 2018 we took direct action at YVR International airport and expressed solidarity by handing out 300 business cards (au lieu of pamphlets as requested by YVR) in 2 hours! Our next action is planned for Thursday, August 2nd 2018 at Sea-Tac International Airport – solidarity for women facing injustice in our industry will be expressed with our sisters from the south! Please join!


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