This landing page is for crew members who have experienced, and are dealing with sexual harassment and assault at their airline company. This initiative was co created by Ashley Geffre (Alaska Airlines) & Mandalena Lewis (WestJet Airlines).

We support flight attendants finding each other online and sharing their stories.

There are many women who have experienced sexual harassment in our industry – it is a historic problem and our employment was based on sex and objectification. Women who have spoken up have been ostracized, re victimized, and silenced. Airlines allege to take sexual harassment seriously, but they have allowed the problem to become a rampant & systemic issue by using tools to protect abusers and their public image. It has been going on too long.

We hope to create widespread change through sharing information, options, support, & solidarity. You can follow our Facebook page, e-mail us, or send us a message. We are here to help build resilience and offer support,



fistUPDATE: WestJet Airlines is appealing the lower court’s decision to more the proposed class action forward with the Supreme Court of Canada. Click here to read more.